Glenala Netball Academy (GNA)


Program Overview

Glenala State High School launched our Glenala Netball Academy (GNA) in 2020. The Glenala Netball Academy has partnered with the University of the Sunshine Coast’s (USC) High Performance Student Athlete Program, which will provide our students with the opportunity to be exposed to state of the art facilities, world class netball and sport science testing and training techniques. Our target is to develop our students to reach their full athletic potential and aspirations along with building leadership and life skills.

Aim of the Academy

  • To build a supportive culture of high expectations, performance and leadership
  • To develop players' skills and abilities by accessing high quality training opportunities and netball competitions
  • To provide learning and athletic pathways both during and after school

Specialised Coaching

GNA is staffed by specialist coaches including Brooke Hayes, Georgia Cole, Emma Barsi and Sarah Laurie. Our coaches are actively involved in netball across Queensland School Sport and Metropolitan West Region. Our Head of Program, Brooke Hayes, is the current Southern Scorpions District School Sport manager for Under 12s. Our dedicated and passionate staff believe that if our students apply themselves to the program, they will achieve excellent results in performance and academic pursuits. Students involved in GNA will participate in dedicated Strength and Conditioning programs and Strategic and Skill sessions before and after school as part of the program. These are designed to improve our students’ strength and fitness, athletic ability, tactical and strategical awareness as well as build a strong team bond between our students. Our coaches’ goals are to maximise each students’ potential, whether that be through selection in MET WEST and other representative teams or their own personal performance goals.

Netball Academy Fees

The cost of the Netball Academy is $100 per year.  Student accounts will be invoiced at the beginning of the school year.  Full payment is required by the end of Term 3.
Please see the fee schedule below for details of the yearly inclusions.  Any additional events, camps or activities may incur an additional cost.

                       Glenala Netball Academy 2021 Fee Schedule
​Year 7- $100
​Year 8-$100
​- GNA Shirt
- Leadership Day excursion Term 1
- USC Excursion Term 1
- Nomination/transport fees to selected       Netball Tournaments and Games

​- GNA Bag and visor
- Leadership Day excursion Term 1
USC Excursion Term 1
- Nomination/transport fees to selected     Netball Tournaments and Games

Entry Requirements and Acceptance

To be eligible for the Glenala Netball Academy students must show evidence of academic grades that reflect appropriate effort and demonstrate high standards of attitude and behaviour.

The Netball Academy Program is an exclusive program for a select 28 students and a trial day may be required to assist with the selection process.  All submitted Expression of Interest Forms (located at the back of this booklet) will be reviewed by the Glenala Netball Academy Co-ordinator.  Parents/Guardians will be contacted with further details as each application is reviewed.


Glenala Netball Academy – Student Expectations

Glenala Netball Academy (GNA) aims to inspire young people to develop their health, wellbeing and leadership through netball. This is a unique opportunity for your young person, but as such, we have high expectations on all students involved. Therefore, all students who wish to participate in GNA must ensure that their Academic Performance, Attendance, Behaviour and Effort at school are aligned with their sporting commitment.   For more details about the GNA Student Expectations please see our Glenala Netball Academy Booklet.

Last reviewed 01 March 2021
Last updated 01 March 2021