eSTEAM Enhancement Program



The Glenala State High School eSTEAM Program was first introduced to our Year 7 cohort at the beginning of 2018. This was in response to a growing need to instil capacity in our students to be the leaders of tomorrow in the areas of Enterprise, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. The innovative eSTEAM Enhancement Program challenges those students with a love and a passion for the sciences to reach their highest academic potential in those subjects. This leads to a segue into careers and future leadership positions in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.

Program Overview

The eSTEAM program includes subject matter such as Innovative Science, Robotics, Media, 3D Printing, Computer Coding and App Development. The program is delivered as transdisciplinary units that simultaneously draw from a combination of Maths, Science, Technology and Media Arts curriculum content. Students need to have an interest in developing creative and enterprising solutions to 21st Century problems as the program units involve extended challenge tasks where students work collaboratively to develop resolutions. Our Program provides a unique and unbroken transition from high school through to university where the individual talents of each student are supported by specialist teachers providing tuition in these areas of the future at an advanced level. The program extends through years 7, 8 and 9.

When considering suitable students, factors that extend beyond academic ability are closely considered. Candidates for this Program must demonstrate an excellent work ethic and show commitment towards achieving their full academic potential.

The eSTEAM program requires students to have a computer.  Students can either bring their own computer or hire one from the school for $200 per year.

Please note: The school, in consultation with families, reserve the right to withdraw students from this Program at any time.

Program Aims

The eSTEAM Enhancement Program aims to develop students as life-long learners with the 21st Century skills of: 

Fundamental to our eSTEAM Enhancement Program is the explicit teaching of higher order thinking skills essential to attaining optimum potential in the STEM fields. Skillful thinking is neither as natural nor as common as is often assumed, and is unlikely to develop automatically in every student.  The fostering of thinking skills is integral to the Academic eSTEAM enhancement curriculum. The Program includes special projects and participation in extension activities with a focus on the development of thinking and teamwork skills.

Program Timelines

Entry Requirements

Students who demonstrate high levels of academic achievement, particularly in the areas of Maths, Science and Technology.

What are the selection criteria?

Students who achieve high results on the annual testing day in Semester 2. PAT R and PAT M testing; practical activities, teamwork, leadership, a history of positive behaviour, creative and analytical skills.

Selection Process

Expression of Interest Forms can be collected from our Adminsitration Office or downloaded using the link below.

eSTEAM Expressions of Interest Form


eSTEAM Class Standards and Expectations

Students in the eSTEAM Program are expected to actively and positively engage in all aspects of school life, both in and outside of the classroom. Students must meet and maintain set standards to obtain a position and remain in the Program. 

  These include:

  • Maintaining a 95% attendance rate and attending class on time.
  • Achieving a minimum B academic standard in core eSTEAM classes (Maths, Science, Technology and Media Arts).
  • Maintaining a minimum VERY GOOD for both effort and behaviour for ALL curriculum areas.
  • Following all school expectations as signed in the Enrolment Agreement and Responsible Behaviour Plan.
  • Meeting homework, bookwork and assignment expectations (including due dates).
  • Being organised and prepared for learning by bringing all necessary books, equipment and materials to class.

Conditions of Continued Enrolment

As part of the transition process, during Term 1, teachers will identify students in our eSTEAM Program who are not currently meeting the above standards. The aim of this process is to work with students to set goals that will allow them to meet the above criteria.

Students identified as not meeting the criteria will be invited to a review interview at the end of Term 1. During the review interview, students will be asked to reflect on their progress to date and from there, construct some goals and strategies that they believe will help them improve and meet the above criteria. Strategies that are aimed at improving a student's participation could include behaviour cards and signed log books of seeking assistance.

Following on from the interview, students, with the support of their teachers, will now enact their goals and strategies. A student "check in" will be held to monitor student progress. At the end of Term 2, feedback from teachers will be collected to determine if students have made improvements and are now meeting the eSTEAM standards.  A decision will then be made as to whether your son/daughter will remain in the eSTEAM Enhancement Program. This process will be repeated in Terms 3 and 4 for any newly identified students. 

Last reviewed 18 August 2020
Last updated 18 August 2020