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Students with additional needs

At Glenala State High School, all teachers strongly believe that every student deserves the best education possible through having their individual learning needs catered for in challenging and engaging tasks and activities.
We also recognise that some students may not be able to access the curriculum at the same rate or in the same way as their peers, and offer many different opportunities for students to learn the knowledge and skills required in an ever-changing world. Some students may be supported through the provision of a teacher aide in class or be placed in intervention classes for short periods of time.
Language Background other than English (LBOTE) 
For those who have a Language Background other than English and require additional language based support, culturally appropriate staff are employed along with specialist teachers who understand how those with English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) learn. Along with classroom support, we have Pasifika, African and Vietnamese Liaison officers on hand to assist our students and their families with all curriculum related matters.
Students who need it can access smaller specialist English classes in years 7-10 and, in 2018, we are introducing an Intensive English Support class for those who have very recently arrived in Australia and are still learning about Australian schooling.
Students with Disabilities 
We are an inclusive practices school and do not have a dedicated area for a Special Education Unit. All students are placed into classes that best suit their needs and learn alongside their peers. Students with disability have a case manager who will work with teachers to ensure individual needs are understood and curriculum outcomes are met.
Students with a disability or significant learning needs may follow an Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP) to ensure the learning opportunities are at an appropriate level or may be in slightly smaller classes to ensure they receive the high level of support required to maximise learning.
We believe that working with parents and carers is the best way to ensure all our students have the maximum chance of academic success and look forward to discussing your child with you.