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Our staff

Administration (by appointment 8.00am – 4.00pm)
School Principal
Ms A Lawson
Deputy Principal
Mr D Newman
Deputy Principal
Mr K Netscher
Director of Student Achievement (Senior)
Ms M Jacobs (Term 1 2018)
Director of Student Achievement (Junior)
Mrs N Bajwa
Director of Student Engagement
Mr J Bahr
Success Coach
Mr J Brewer
Business Services Manager
Ms J Vukovic
Heads of Department
Ms K Stephenson
Mr T Rynne (Term 1 2018)
Science/Homework Club/WPH&S/Wellbeing
Mrs A Gantimuroff
Mrs H Broderick
The Arts
Ms C Hayward
Mr T Horsley (Acting)
Senior Schooling/Year 13/Trade Skills Centre 
Ms S Gibney
Technology (Business/ITD/ Home Ec)
Ms E Ballin
Mrs A Lund (Term 1 2018)
Year 7
Mr D Hamilton
Year 8
Mr B O'Neil
Year 9
Mr T Rynne
Year 10
Mr L Arnold
Year 11
Mr A Keogh
Year 12
Ms Sarah Laurie
Partnership Coordinator
Mrs K Matthew
Workplace Health & Safety Officer
Mrs B Haigh
Admin Officer - Library
Ms M Kingham
Sports Coordinator
Mr B Wasmunde
Events Coordinator
Ms S Iszlaub
Student Council Representative
Ms C Evilie & Ms J Malcolm
Student Services
Guidance Officer
Mr N Williamson & Ms L Wallis
Pacifica Liaison Officer
Mr B Manu-Sione
African Liaison Officer
Mr Salah Said
Vietnamese Coordinator
Ms J Tran
Community Education Counsellor
Ms C Grant
School Based Police Officer
Senior Const P Emr
Youth Support
Ms I Alberts
School Chaplain
Mr A Punivai
All staff may be contacted via email at the following address: