eSTEAM Enhancement Program




The eSTEAM Excellence Program was introduced to build capacity in our students to be the leaders of tomorrow in the areas of enterprise, Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. This innovative, academic program challenges and extends students who have a passion for technology and the sciences to reach their highest academic potential and to pursue a career path in these areas.

Program Overview

The eSTEAM program includes subject matter in innovative Science, Robotics, Media, 3D Printing, Computer Coding and App Development. The program is delivered as transdisciplinary units that simultaneously draw from a combination of Maths, Science, Technology and Media Arts curriculum content. Students need to have an interest in developing creative and enterprising solutions to problems and extended challenge tasks. They will often work collaboratively and in teams to develop problem solutions. 
When considering suitable students, factors that extend beyond academic ability are closely considered. Candidates for this Program must demonstrate an excellent work ethic and show commitment towards achieving their full academic potential.
The eSTEAM program requires students to have a laptop.  Students can either bring their own laptop or hire one from the school.

Please note: The school, in consultation with families, reserve the right to withdraw students from this Program at any time.


Program Aims

As well as extending students in the academic areas of Science, Technology, the Arts and Mathematics, the eSTEAM Program aims to develop students as life-long learners with 21st Century skills in: 

Fundamental to our eSTEAM Excellence Program is the explicit teaching of higher order thinking skills essential to attaining optimum achievement in academic studies. 
The program includes special projects and participation in extension activities with a focus on the development of problem solving, personal and teamwork skills.

Program Timelines


ICT Requirements

This program requires students to have a laptop.  Students can either bring their own laptop or hire one from the school.  Bring Your Own (BYO) laptop recommended minimum specifications (price point $1000-$1300) 
Intel i5 (or AMD Ryzen 5) CPU
1Gb dedicated Graphics
256Gb solid state drive 
Must have 5Ghz wireless capability *
Must be able to support the Adobe Suite of software 
* Chromebooks and Windows RT devices are not compatible with the school network

eSTEAM Conditions of Entry and Continued Enrolment

Students who have submitted an Expression of Interest form for eSTEAM will be invited to complete an entry test during one of our testing days through the year. Short listing of students for the class will be based on results from the testing, as well as academic, behaviour and effort data from primary school reports.

Candidates for this program must demonstrate an excellent work ethic and show commitment to achieving their full academic potential. The program extends through years 7, 8 and 9. Students need to understand that they are making a three-year commitment to the program.

It is a condition of continued enrolment in the program that students maintain suitable academic, effort and behaviour results. Students who are at risk of falling behind will be supported to improve. In rare cases, a student may forfeit their place in the program if, after support, their attitude or results are still short of the required standard.

Please note: The school reserves the right to withdraw students from this program at any time.​ 

eSTEAM Class Standards and Expectations

 ​Students in an Excellence Program are expected to actively and positively engage in all aspects of school life, both in and outside of the classroom. Students must meet and maintain set standards in Academic, Performance, Attendance, Behaviour and Effort to both obtain a position and remain in the Program.  These include: ​

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Last reviewed 24 July 2022
Last updated 24 July 2022