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Glenala State High School's Senior School Policy

Glenala State High School is committed to providing a breadth of opportunities and programs for senior school students to realise their full potential as creative and intelligent young men and women.  Year 11 and 12 students are considered post compulsory students, that is, they have made a conscious decision to return to school to successfully complete their Senior Studies.  Successfully complete refers to:
·         Achieve an OP1-15 or
·         Achieve a QCE and at least one VET Qualification.
To this effect the School will:
·         challenge students in their educational endeavours; support them in setting and attaining realistic academic goals; and energetically promote commitment to academic excellence at all times
·         guide students to select and attain credentials from a variety of pathways to ensure that each student graduates with recognised qualifications as far as possible
·         support all students throughout Year 11 and 12.  Teaching staff will share the educational responsibility with parents and students; 
·         assist all students in attaining their educational goals through informed decision making;
·         expect 92% attendance rate for all Senior students. This requires students to have no more than four days absence per term (school disciplinary absences are included in these four days). Attendance will be monitored and valid reasons are required when absent. Absences must be supported by a medical certificate;
·         expect punctuality to all lessons and events.  Students are expected to be at school from 8.45am – 3.00pm each day except in cases of genuine illness.  Appointments such as Driving Lessons must not be scheduled during school hours.  All senior students who intend leaving school early, have been asked to report to the Director of Student Achievement before they leave with a letter from their parent or carer; and
·         Ensure that all students remain at school during all exam blocks. Students will not be allowed to stay at home if they don’t have exams.
In response, senior students are to be:
·         Self-motivated and mature in their approach to their studies;
·         Responsible for adopting effective study routines and committing to work in an increasingly independent manner;
·         Expected to work with pride as part of the year group to achieve their very best for both themselves and the group;
·         Consciously and respectfully contribute to the School academically;
·         Presented in a way that demonstrates pride for themselves, their family and their school by wearing the correct uniform at all times in the way that it was designed to be worn.  Our school’s Parents and Citizens Association has made the decision that Glenala SHS is a uniform school and hence all students are expected to be in full school uniform every day.  We rely on our senior students to model these uniform expectations.  Senior students who come to school not wearing the full school uniform will be directed the Office after to change their uniform.  Students who choose not to follow these directions will be sent home;
·         Role models of the Glenala Way and uphold the expectations of all students.  Behaviour in the classroom must not adversely impact on the learning of other students.  Parent contact will be made immediately concerns are raised in this area.  Students who choose to disrupt the learning of others will have their enrolment reviewed in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act; and 
·         Complete homework tasks and ensure assignments and other assessment items are completed on time.  End Semester exam blocks are organised for senior students.  Students must ensure they are present for all scheduled exams both during the exam block and for any exams that may be held outside the formal exam session.
  1. The School will provide a range of high quality academic and relevant vocational studies options. 
Students will be supported by School staff to meet the requirements of their programs.
  1. Students will be expected to approach their studies in a diligent manner, access available support services if needed, and be accountable for their actions and academic and vocational outcomes.
  2. Parents/carers will be expected to support their students and work collaboratively with the School to achieve excellent outcomes.
  3. Each Year 10 student must participate in a senior education and training planning process. This will culminate in the completion of an individual Student Education and Training (SET) plan that outlines the intended course of senior school study. The plan will be approved by the School and endorsed by the parents/carers.  The plan will be revised when necessary during Years 11 and 12.
  4. The School has established pre-requisites for senior subjects. These are:
a)   published in curriculum handbooks on the School website and administered in a timely manner for the information of students and parents
b)   applied in such a way that they do not unreasonably limit realistic future options for a student; and
c)   applied in a way which takes account of the needs, abilities (based on evidence) and circumstances of each student.
  1. The School will implement an individual tracking and management process with all students, but will especially monitor those students who achieve less than a "C" grade (or VET equivalent) in any senior subject.  This will occur at either the end of each Semester or Term.  If a student does not achieve the agreed outcomes of the process, the School may require the student to amend or change subjects or courses.
  2. The School will provide a comprehensive and rigorous Queensland Core Skills Test preparation program in the Senior Years.  Students, for whom this program is appropriate, will be required to participate diligently in all aspects of the program. 
  3. No student in the Senior School is delegated spare lessons. Study periods may result when a student requests to drop a subject when they acquire a school based traineeship or apprenticeship. In this case, students are to be working in the designated area in the library. Failure to work diligently during these times may result in the return to subject classes or cancellation of the traineeship/apprenticeship.
9.   Compliance with this policy is essential. Non-compliance with this policy and  under-performance as a result of failure to engage in their studies, will  necessitate a review of enrolment with the family and the Principal.  Further, Senior students who fail to meet the expectations of our school will initially be given considerable support and opportunity to change their behaviours.   Students who persistently fail to meet our expectations may have their enrolment cancelled or face exclusion.